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Welcome to my den! Here is where you will find my comission status. Links to Rudder's character profile. As well as Links to my art gallerys.

-----= Comissions =-----

Areas of comissions that I am available for are Character Portraits/Drawings and Web designs.

For Furcadia related things, I am available for Dreams, Avatar alterations, and Remapable Portraits.

Currently all images will be sent via E-mail. Sending originals through post is not available at this present time. If you wish to comission me, feel free to send me an e-mail.

Please send me any ideas and other details based on the rates below.

Current Comission Status: Open for all
Current Comission Prices

Furc Alt list - I DON'T do trades, nore do I support it. This is just a list of my alts, for people to see.
Rudder's Character Info
Fan Art
Deviant Art Gallery
Online Art Portfolio Gallery